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Car Wash Shampoo

Is It a Good Idea to Use Shampoo to Wash a Car?

Using shampoo to wash a car is not a good idea. Shampoo may damage the car’s paint and strip away protective coating….

Best Car Care Kit

Which is the Best Car Care Kit?

The best car care kit is the meguiar’s complete car care kit. This kit includes all the necessary products for effectively cleaning…

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Change Engine Oil for Car

How Many Kilometers Need to Change Engine Oil for Car

It is recommended to change the engine oil for a car every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers. Regular maintenance of your car’s engine…

How to Avoid Puncture in Tubeless Tyre

How to Avoid Puncture in Tubeless Tyre

To avoid punctures in tubeless tires, ensure proper tire pressure and regularly inspect for debris or sharp objects. Tubeless tires can provide…

Does Oil Filter Size Matter

Does Oil Filter Size Matter

Yes, oil filter size matters; an incorrect size can lead to leaks or engine damage. The right oil filter ensures proper filtration…

Benefits of synthetic engine oil

Synthetic engine oil enhances engine performance and longevity. It offers superior protection compared to conventional oils. Modern vehicles demand peak performance and…

Car Stuck in Mud

What to do if car stuck in mud

If your car is stuck in mud, don’t spin your tires, as this will dig you in deeper. Instead, use traction aids…

how long can a towing company keep your car

A towing company can keep your car until you pay the required fees. The duration depends on local laws and company policies….